Kernel Postcard

One of my favorite things to do when I return home from a trip is to review all my photos and edit them. Whether you want to take pictures on your smartphone or a giant high tech camera, travel photography can be made extremely easy for anyone! Without getting too complex, let’s talk about the different ways someone can take photos while traveling.

What could be better than a tour of Kentucky based around food? If the tour was guided by Guy Fieri. Kentucky is home to unique eateries from roadside diners, hole in the wall dives, and vintage drive-ins. If you’re goal is to travel more or try new places throughout Kentucky, let Guy lead the way on your next adventure.

Not many places boast Mayan temples, lush rainforests, white beaches, and legendary diving all in one place. The small country of Belize is a myriad of cultures, sights, languages, and foods. Since Belize is made up of islands, knowing what you want to do and see within the country will dete…

With just over a month left of the semester, summer is right around the corner. Save time and take the stress out of your summer travels with these eight apps that are a necessity for your next trip!

Yes, the title of this article is a Fifth Harmony song lyric. I am, in fact, from a small town in Kentucky and I had my first New York City experience in January. Here are some of my personal tips about how to take advantage of your trip to the Big Apple, especially if you are a first-timer.

Nestled between the Mediterranean and Black Sea is the beautiful and historical country of Turkey. The capital, Istanbul, boasts gorgeous architecture, stunning sunsets, and delicious cuisine. Along with all its beauty, Turkey is one of the best places for any history buff to add to their bucket list.

If you ever find yourself wanting to escape the busy city center of Madrid in search of some fresh air, you are in luck since there are many charming pueblos (small towns) just outside of Spain’s capital.

 As spring break is approaching, it is time to start thinking about where you’re going over break? Panama and Destin are great places to go, but with other universities being there at the same time, it can become crowded. So, here are some of my favorite places to go without all the crowds a…

We’re less than a month away from spring break and I’m determined to make the most of my week off from classes. Not sure what to do for spring break this year? No worries! I’ve created a list of ideas based on the kind of break you may want.

One of my favorite ways to remember a trip and use my creativity is to keep a travel journal! Having a tangible book of my handwritten accounts from my trip are always fun to go back and read months and years later.

The holidays in Chicago are a magical place filled with holiday cheer and many festivities. Get into the holiday spirit with these top four activities and consider spending your next Christmas in Chicago!

Paris, Barcelona and now New York City have all been checked off of my bucket list thanks to careful planning and the willingness to cram entire cities into two days of activity. As with any large city, it would take a lifetime (or maybe a few solid years) to truly experience all there is to…

Don’t get me wrong, London is a great city full of fun activities and sights. In fact, you could probably live in London and still never see all of the amazing things it has to offer. However, it’s also a prime spot for weekend travel that you should definitely take advantage of. If you’re g…

Plan on traveling to Madrid? Madrid isa huge city, but using the transportation system is quick, cheap, and easy! This guide will help you discover this beautiful city through the city's transportation system. 

Everyone knows that Walt Disney World is the happiest and most magical place on Earth. As a child I can remember going to Disney after every Christmas and always being awe-struck by how wonderful a place it is. Now that I'm grown up, I was worried the magic of Disney would wear off.

You’re only young once was my mindset when I traded my first week of exams for a mid-week getaway to Los Angeles, California. This was my first time to L.A, not to mention, California, so I was determined to make the most of my few days in this new city.

As an ambassador for education abroad, I get asked many questions about studying abroad that are based upon misconceptions. This article will bust the top five myths, and soon enough you will be packing your bags for a semester abroad!

I’ve always been told that visiting the Amazon is a life changing experience. This August I was privileged enough to travel to Ecuador to serve in a rural village as a nurse with Shoulder to Shoulder, a medical brigade run by physicians from the University of Kentucky. 

I have a habit of visiting countries that are hard to point out on a map. With Slovenia, I once again discovered that the out of the ordinary tourist spots are absolutely heavenly--and much less packed than Paris and Rome.

I spent this summer living and working in Miami, Florida. Sounds awful, right? I was a blogger by week and travel guru on the weekends. I ventured to different areas of southern Florida and created a list of my favorite spots at each.

Whether you’re into hiking, climbing, diving, or caving, Iceland has something for you! The beautiful island nation is the perfect place to find your next adventure. Its stunning untouched landscapes and friendly people make letting out your adventurous side more than inviting. Every section…

Prague is beautiful, but do you know what else is beautiful too? The rest of the Czech Republic. Most people can see everything they want to see in Prague in two days, so if you’re taking visiting there, why not add in a day trip?